Magma / Update on Wildhoney

A hidden game-gem and update on my own project


Magma is an interesting title I found this week on the Nintendo Switch. This game was made by the group “Nellyvision”. On their website they write about themselves: “We formed after the Second Life makers Linden Lab closed down in the UK in 2010. Two games industry veterans, Elaine Green and Gabriel Lee, set out with the intention of straddling the difficult area between ‘media’ and games.

Screenshot of Magma

There is something about this game called “Magma”. This strange atmosphere, this kind of different kind of storytelling. Many things, that remind me on obscure games, we used to play on the Amiga 500 homecomputer-days.

Gameplay-wise there could be lots of improvements, but on the other side, this game kept me playing a while. Get it on Nintendo Switch.

Update on Wildhoney

The neverendling story of making an own game… I am still working on my game “Wildhoney”. In the last weeks I made progress on “setting the tone” and reworked the main-avatar. Also some new thoughts and desicions about graphic-style, gameplay and level-design. Expect soon (™) something playable…

Here are some moods / new stuff:

Wildhoney - New Avatar

Splash-Screen / Patch

I got some interesting inspiration around a placed I worked for some weeks. They installed some brand-new “Bienenhotels” for Wildhoney-Bees.

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