Gun Trails (playdate) / Magic Vigilante 1cc

Two tiny shooting game highlights

Gun Trails - A bullethell shooter on the playdate console

Not sure if you are familiar with the playdate console. It is a tiny, monochrome game-console, that was originally a crowdfnded project - a joint-venture of Panic Inc. and Teenage Engineering. It is a very unusual device: portable, monochrome, not backlight, and with a crank as a game-controller.

Meanwhile there is an active community of game-devs on this platform - releasing interesting casual games, experiments and linke this here: awesome games.

The game Gun Trails is a solid shooter for this console. Crisp hard gameplay, awesome graphics, engaging music - making this an excellent shooter.

Gun Trails for portable console.

Magic Vigilante 1cc

Game by nizakashii with a very initeresting style. This game, pulsating with a unique style, invites players on an unforgettable adventure with sometimes cute and clunky looking enemies. See here a 1cc playthough. The game itself is available via

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