A2 Zygon / Two years of Storm Electricity

The last email of the year!

A2 Zygon

A nice bullet-hell shooter with great in-game and menu usability. You can get it on Steam or a playable demo on itch.io.

Two years of Storm Electricity

Time flies… Storm Electricity is already two years old now!! I made the decision to go indie under the Christmas Tree in 2021. It was an amazing ride so far and I do now know that it actually means to be an indie-developer - just by making the experience.

Here some of the progress so far…

  • Look and feel / Logo Design Storm Electricity

  • Vision

  • Made some shirts, that you can order.

  • Made some connections for some future collaboration on projects

  • Swiched the Game-Engine from phaser.io to Godot Game-Engine

  • Setup this newsletter

  • Asked and decided shitloads of questions -> that is normal, when you make a game, right?

I am making all this besides my freelance-jobs, having the luxury, of taking my own pace of development.

Slowly the games comes together - although still nothing really to play. I learned a lot, that making a game is also about making many, many many decisions. Here is some working on the artwork / ideas for sprites in a tiny time-lapse.


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